Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Roman Army

Do you know what a Recon mission is? Well I had no clue until today when my dad stopped over and one of my sons was talking to him about a "shoot 'em up" (as my son calls it) video game. I learned that a recon is a group of soldiers that scout out an area looking for the enemy.

I liked that Dad knew this and was able to enlighten my son (and me) on this fact.

I have come to feel a very strange happiness about my sons getting into army games, guns, and interactive play where they are army men looking for bad guys. I didn't used to feel this way. In fact when my oldest first showed interest in a toy gun I felt "icky" about it and a little guilty that he would play with it. Part of it is because I'm a woman and tend to feel cautious of things that can kill someone. I thought of guns more as an instrument for killing rather than something used for protection. In today's society most people would love to rid the world of them but trust me that is not the answer! But I won't go there today :)

Well I'm way over that cautious feeling towards guns. This year for Christmas was the year of the Nerf. Every kid got one and some adults too. I get a proud "that's my boy" attitude when I see them taking aim or posing with their gun. If we lived 200 years ago I would be proud to see them pose with their lead canon or 2000 years ago their wooden spear. My boys are boys and I want them to act like boys. I believe they have a natural instinct to protect and be rough and tough so I don't want to hamper that. I have no doubt that God has a plan for my boys to be warriors for his Kingdom and that is going to take lots of courage on their part. I also understand they need self control and lots of guidance from mom and dad so don't worry about my new enthusiasm for weaponry.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Childhood regret

As a child I could get pretty moody when things didn't go my way and I would become...oh what's the word?....Bratty. That's what happened on the night I created my own childhood regret.

I was at a girlfriends house for her 7th birthday and we were playing a game that involved clues. She probably had about 6 or 7 friends running around finding them along with me. Her mom would read the clue and we would have to figure out where this clue was leading us to and that's where we would find a prize. EVERYONE found one but me. I was so upset by it that I hid under her dining room table and pouted until her mom found me and tried something to make me happy again but I had made up my mind to be mad, so that's what I was for the rest of the time there. If not outwardly then inwardly.

When it was time to leave I climbed into the back seat of our station wagon where Mom, Jeff and Becky were waiting. Mom saw that I was pouting so she tried to make me happy by giving me a stuffed monkey she had bought at the store for me. I took it grumpily and didn't say a word. No thank you, no I love it, just grab and pout. Seeing her disappointment with me made me regret my attitude right away however, there were no apologies from my mouth and no cuddles for the monkey. I had started this foul attitude and I was going to finish it out for the rest of the night.

Ever since that night I've felt bad for my selfishness and wished I could take that moment back. If I could I would lovingly take the monkey from Mom's hands and give it a big squeeze telling her thank you and that it made my day all better. But I can't do that so I guess I'll keep wishing I had done the right thing. I still have that monkey packed away somewhere to remind me of that night. I think I named him Tony after a boy from elementary school.

I guess my point would be, be nice to others even when you're in a funk because you just might regret it later.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

On the Bright Side of a Rainy Day

some good things about rainy days....ahem....rain puddles, rain drops falling in rain puddles, beads of rain on tree branches, birds flying in the rain, the sound rain makes on umbrellas or old tin roofs, running from the car to inside (something fun about that), complaining about the rain, ooooh rain storms in the summer on a sunny day are so cool, rain in winter cuz that means it's not too cold, snuggling under a blanket w/or w/out someone, being inside, watching a rain drop race on your car window (when you're not driving), you know that kind of stuff.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Clean or Dirty?

I'm folding laundry and right as I'm done I notice a pair of kid underwear lying on the floor by my feet. I didn't notice it there before, does that mean it fell out of the basket or could it be dirty? I stand and ponder the possibilities. It could have crawled out from under the bed, maybe it had been there all along, maybe one of the kids took it off and threw it there or it really could have fallen out of the basket. I pinch it by the band to inspect it. It looks clean. One more test to determine its fate. I say a prayer as I slowly lift it towards my nose, "Dear God, please let them be clean, please let them be clean". I scrunch up my nose, suck in my lips and take a quick sniff (the quick test sniff). It smelled alright, one more longer sniff.
I say out loud to myself, to God and the pair of underwear, "Thank the Lord they are clean!" I then throw them in the correct pile and merrily go on with my laundry business.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Potty Humor

I have a phobia that haunts me in my sleep and it isn’t pretty. I’m not sure when this phobia began and I’m not sure what has made me so phobic in the first place. If I tell you what it is you have to promise not to haunt me with it. Did you promise yet? Well you better.

Alright, I’m afraid of public restrooms. By the way RESTroom is SUCH a HORRIBLE name for what it really is. I would call it as dirty a name as it really is but I don’t think most parents would take there kids there. (Big sigh here) I know we need to have places along the way while we are out to relieve ourselves but, can’t we all behave ourselves while we are in there and clean up after ourselves?? I fear this is impossible.

OH! The disgustingness that I have to go through any time I can’t hold it and trust me I can hold it pretty good. Anyway so these dreams that I have are very stressful to me when I have them but are wonderful for a good laugh when I wake up. I have a bunch that I can remember so I’ll give you a glimpse of what goes on in my sleep.

Last nights dream I do believe came about due to our recent bouts with the flu. Three nights ago one of the kids woke up and had to spew junk out of both ends. What a decision he had to make. “Sit? Stand? Sit? Stand?” So he sorta did both but didn’t quite make it to a sit. Well let’s just say I had some art to clean off the walls. Yeah. Sooooo gross! So gross that it gave me nightmares.

So it starts out like all my other dreams. I’m out in public and I’m searching for a “Restroom” but I can’t seem to find any. Then I find one at last and I HAVE to use it. I go in to find a square room dimly lit. Tile floor like in any restroom is covered with a clear liquid and puddles in some areas. Some of the doors are missing as are toilets. My dream forces me to walk past the big dirty puddle to get to the last stall with the door. As I’m stepping over the puddle I think to myself, “What if I slip and fall in it?” Chills ran up my spine and I quickly dismissed the thought as I clung to the stall door. I made it over one nasty obstacle only to land in an equally grotesque one. All over the walls, encrusted on the flusher and seat and even on the inside stall door was splattered blood!!!
My mind in defense of shutting down due to fear woke me up at last. Okay, that dream was more gross than funny so here’s a funny one.

In this dream I had been searching and searching (as is always the case) for a restroom. My first find was a high school locker room (???) There were girls everywhere walking in and out like it was a train station. All I could find were showers and when I finally found the toilets they were in a deserted dark corner which was a bit scary but not as scary as the fact that ALL of the toilets were formed in a circle with absolutely no walls and therefore no doors. Like King Arthur and the knights of the round table, these poor girls were expected to sit and “Go”. I’m in a panic and ponder if I should go real quick since no one was around but decided I just CAN’T do it. I leave and eventually through my wonderings find someone who directs me to a toilet. They open a door and I see a GIGANTIC King sized bed that almost touched the ceiling. Guess where the toilet was??
It was in the middle of that bed. I had to climb the bed and when I did I saw a toilet seat sunk into the middle and nothing but a black hole down below. Needless to say I didn’t go here either. One more dream that I’ve had a few times is finding a restroom with stalls, but the stalls only go up to seat level. They even have doors which I find so curious and I always end up with a stall mate in these dreams.

The thing with restroom dreams is that I NEVER find a clean private place to go which I do believe is a good thing or else I might wake up with wet sheets.

Hope you were able to “bare” reading all this potty humor. You might want to go wash your hands or clean your bathroom or something. I think that’s what I’m going to do now.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

When I was in Elementary school my best friend in the whole world was signing up for piano lessons. Quite naturally I wanted to too, so I did.

We started our first lesson by standing in a row and one by one located middle C with our index finger and on it went all the way to G. I remember thinking that learning piano was going to be a piece of cake. I was dreaming of composing my own master pieces and playing in front of hundreds of adoring fans. A few lessons later however, we were only learning scales and to my horror and extreme disappointment my best friend in the whole world left me for an advanced group. I was left alone with a bunch of babies playing boring old scales. Piano lessons had lost it's appeal.

My mom played the piano a little and always wished she had lessons so when I asked to play she was all for it, so no I couldn't quit. BUMMER
I stuck with it through all the scales and in my second year played that Yankee Doodle song in my first ever recital. I was very proud and excited until some little kid played something by that Mozart guy and then my confidence fell like a rocket out of space. I wanted to be playing his piece not my level 2 piece!!

That night I threw in the towel or at least as much of it as a 3rd grader could. I walked a bit slower to lessons each week, my little fingers lost what little pep they had when tapping the keys and I didn't practice like I should have.

One day I decided I was going to "forget" about lessons. When the bell rang for the end of the day, instead of going to piano lessons I went to the playground where I hoped Mrs. Heater my piano teacher would forget too. As I was swinging by myself I saw Mrs. Heater not walking but rather marching over to me. It was a rather long march from the school building to the swings which gave me plenty of time to work up my nerve as best I could. BOY she did NOT look happy at all. With a big frown and lots of irritation she asked why I wasn't at lessons.
"Oh! was that today? I forgot!" I totally lied. She told me we would pick up our missing lesson next week and gave me a piercing look before turning and marching back in.

A lot of wishful thinking happens as kids. Like the whole hiding behind polls and thinking that no one can see when in fact the only part they can't see of you is your eye balls. Same thing with this lie I told Mrs. Heater. I lied to her to get away with the naughty thing I did but all along she saw my lie and knew exactly what was going on.

I didn't skip any more lessons but it wasn't too long after that, I stopped taking lessons and instead I rocked on the piano at home to my own tunes.

Friday, November 28, 2008

How He Loves

How He Loves

Thank you God for teaching me how to love. Never before, have I felt such a love for others as I have now.

Over the past couple years God has been showing me how to love. To love deeply, to love all, to love at all times, to love you.

First I had to learn how to except God’s love for me. He loves me beyond all reason and that is how I am to love.

Chris Abshire had God’s love, Rosie Woodring had God’s love, Kathy Cousins had God’s love, Herb Reisig Sr. had God’s love. All four of these beautiful people let God in and let Him love them. All four of these people have died and gone to be with God.

On Thanksgiving day as we drove to Allentown Nate and I listened to, How He Loves by JohnMark McMillan. I first thought of Chris. A talented young man who praised God, it seemed with every breath. He sang this song and that’s how I first heard it. There is no other like Chris. Then I thought of my mom Rosie. She understood God, She was sweet and funny, a woman that believed and trusted God no matter what. There is no other like my mom Rosie. Kathy Cousins loved people every day, she even had a list on how to love and lived her life by it. She trusted God. There is no other like Kathy. Herb Sr. spent his whole life running away from God’s love but eventually got weary of running so he stopped and when he turned around, met Jesus. He spent the rest of his days loving God and his family. There is no other like Herb Sr.

My point is that God loves us each past overflowing. He loves us like no other because we are each so unique. It's like the love that I have for my own children. I love them with the same extordinary strength but each of our relationships are just as different as each of their personalities.

All four of these wonderful people died from Cancer between May of ’98 and Nov. 2008. Each one became sweeter still in their final days. I believe God picked them at their ripest. God talks about pruning in the Bible and I’ve always thought of it strictly as pruning the dead branches so the rest of the vine doesn’t die, however with fruit one has to pick the ripe fruit so that more fruit can grow. So many people’s lives were touched by the pruning of these four lives. As loved ones who will never see them again this can be hard to deal with, but with understanding we can. Their suffering was not God’s plan but rather just a part of this world we live in. We can not escape sin or the consequences of it. Our bodies are flawed because we live in a world that is flawed because of our sin.
God is the healer of our souls and if it is His will, our bodies as well but if we truly love Him we will bend to His will and trust Him even if that means pruning.

I feel as though I’m growing again so I’m enjoying this fresh wind that is blowing over me. Loving others the way that I should is so refreshing and is opening my eyes to a more powerful Worship. I encourage anyone who has been feeling a lack of worship to first, make sure you really are letting God love you and then, evaluate how deeply you love others. I didn’t realize how much God loved me until I started taking pictures of nature and more and more of my children. I saw how God made these clouds for me to enjoy, the fields for me to look at and trees to make me wonder, the sun to cheer me and the rain to slow me down and my children to enjoy it all. I love teaching them about all of God’s creations.
These were the thoughts going around in my head this Thanksgiving season. I’ll pray that God gives you understanding as I feel I didn’t write very coherently due to the newness of it all and my tiredness.

Monday, November 17, 2008

An Apology

Dear Mr. Washer,

How do I begin? I guess with, I'm Sooooooooo sorry! I don't know what happened exactly. This isn't like the other times, I promise.
I truly didn't remember that I had washed a load of towels. It was only by chance that I looked in on you and saw the lid down. I knew right away that I had done it again. I hope you can forgive me. I put in extra detergent and a healthy dose of bleach.
You and the towels should be smelling better in just about 30 minutes.

Thank you again Mr. Washer for your dependable rinse and spin cycles. Without you I would be plunging underwear into rivers and beating them over rocks.

Your dependant owner,

p.s. I'm also sorry if I may have thrown in an extra towel or two...or three.

Monday, November 10, 2008

You might not believe this...

but try.

(If you haven't read my blog before this one then do so now as this one relates to it.)

I was just thinking that maybe our family logo should be, "Just Happens" sorta like the Nike slogan, "Just do it". Things in our house "just happens" all the time.

I had JUST written that blog last night about our past and present pets and was quite happy and sure about the welfare of our non alive friends when what should HAPPEN??

This morning after taking the older boys to school and clearing the breakfast dishes, I sat down in my favorite chair with a steaming hot cup of coffee. I was checking my e-mail when I noticed Gabe wasn't in the room. I called his name and heard his voice coming from the upstairs.

"Oh, please tell me he's not in the bathroom" I pleaded to no one. I set down my cup of coffee and ran up the stairs. My fear was recognised as I first saw the bathroom door open, then no Gabe standing on the stool by the sink, but rather standing in front of the open toilet bowl with Hammy in Hand.

Hammy was drenched and so was the hand that held Hammy. "You have GOT to be kidding me?" I said out loud. This was crazy. I had just finished writing about Hammy and I honestly thought Hammy would be safe from harm but alas I was wrong. Gabe killed Hammy the only way you could kill a fake pet. By submerging it in water, destroying the batteries and all the inner electrical workings.

Maybe I'm not so much shocked that this happened but rather shocked by the timing.
I haven't told Uriah yet about Hammy. I'm wondering if I should go to Five Below and find a replacement first. I hope that when Uriah does find out that Hammy bit the porcelain toilet bowl, he'll see the humor in it.

***For those of you wondering, yes there was pee in the toilet bowl.***

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Start of a Day

5:45am. Ty wakes up with a coughing fit. Baby wakes up crying from all the coughing. Mom wakes up from the baby crying. Josh wakes up when Mom notices he's peed the bed. Ry wakes up when lights are turned on. Ty who started this chain goes on sleeping.

7:30am. Baby ate banana, a bite of left over pizza (he didn't like it), a cinnamon roll and watches cartoons. Mom is working on third cup of coffee after snoozing on the couch failed. Josh ate one banana and wasted another, browsed magazine for Christmas gifts and picked on baby. Ry ate breakfast and played DS. Ty wakes up. Ty looks rested. Baby, Mom, Josh and Ry do not.

**Now where did I put that stinkin' cup of coffee??**

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beware Old Tree

Beware Old Tree
By Suzanne Roman

Beware old tree you stand too close
To the pond whom awaits your fall.
He’ll swallow you up just bits at a time
Trunk, middle and limb.

He’ll digest you at his leisure
For this brings him much pleasure.
Hoping you’ll drag an unsuspecting someone down;

His surface is patient and calm
Reflecting sun, shadow and hew.
Beneath is where mystery looms
His soul and sorrows glide,

Under the prickly paws that break the surface,
Past the roots of Bulrushes brown,
Between the grasses green,
And settles beneath the cloudy muck.

Oh how he watches you old tree!
Oh how he watches me!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


“Oh Suzie, why did you do that?” was the exasperated question Nate asked and you probably will too. I’ll tell you what I did and then if I can think of a good enough reason by the end of this blog I’ll tell you why.

Time: 7:50pm
Day: last Friday
Where: My house

Description: It was a cold dark October night when our doorbell rang. I looked over at the clock from my chair which I was dozing in at the time and thought it was still a little too early for Nate and Uriah to be home from a soccer game. Josh and Gabe ran to the window shouting, “Who is it, who is it?” I asked if they could see anyone but they couldn’t tell. I thought I heard a girl’s voice so I assumed it was my next door neighbor ringing for an egg or cup of sugar.
I opened the door to hear a merry, “Hello” as if from a happy friend but I still couldn’t make out who it was. I was looking through our screen door out into the dark so I didn’t know I was giving a merry “hello, how are you?” to a complete stranger. When I finally noticed I didn’t know this person I felt a little silly for giving her such a nice greeting.

She was a young girl maybe slightly over college age wearing a trendy light sweater jacket and striped scarf. Her hair was cut short and real cute and she had a big smile on.
She asked if she was bothering me with one of those, “I know I am” looks.
Right away I asked her if this was one of those magazine things. She guiltily said yes and instead of asking me to buy magazines she asked if she could use the bathroom.

Okay so right now you are probably shaking your head and thinking, “Oh Suzie, you didn’t let her in did you?”

YES I DID LET HER IN!!! sigh….

With toys strewn over the floor, dinner scraps still left on the table and kids jumping up and down curious to see who was at our door I let her in. At this point as she stood right inside the door, my brain flashed back to about two summers ago when I let another stranger into the house to use the bathroom and how unhappy that made Nate. I felt guilty as I led her upstairs to the bathroom (my messy bathroom). I shut all the bedroom doors and came back down stairs with all the boys and we waited.

If you thought that was the end of the story…well it’s not.

Girlfriend walks down the stairs and sits on my couch and says, “you mind if I chill in here for a few minutes until my ride gets here? I wouldn’t ask cuz (blah blah blah) but it’s so cold out there and dark.” She tried to make me feel more comfortable about having her in my house by asking me some personal questions. If this was indeed her reasoning for asking if my husband was sleeping upstairs, what kind of job does he have? do the kids sleep well? Have you ever been robbed? (JUST KIDDING on the last oneJ ), well she was totally wrong. I started to ask her some questions too. So you said you have kids? How many? How old? You go to school? Why do these people only sell magazines????
After our round of 20 questions she shocked me again by asking, “Do you have anything I could eat like a raw hot dog or something…just to take the edge off?”
DANG! This girl was like none other!!
I thought for a minute. “This girl is real. She is in my living room. She is now asking me for food. A raw hotdog to be exact. I don’t have any hot dogs. I am now totally uncomfortable. Jesus would give her a hot dog. Jesus would have given her 5,000 raw hotdogs, but I’m not Jesus.”
“No, I don’t have any hotdogs. I don’t really have anything right now.”
“No problem, well thanks for letting me get warm I’ll go wait on the curb for my ride.” She said bye to the kids who were all bouncing around showing off their cool moves for her. I shut the door and locked it and then about a minute later peeked out the curtain to see if she was gone. I saw a hooded figure hugging it’s knees under the street lamp. I figured “it” was “her”. I felt a little safer knowing she didn’t just disappear and was waiting like she said she would.
I went to the kitchen looking for something I could let her eat. I saw the granola bar box and grabbed two. I called her over and she came running. A bit lost dog like she came back and she hadn’t changed any in the 2 min we were apart. She asked to stand in the doorway and wait and then asked to use the phone. (don’t worry, she does leave and this story will end.) She called her “ride” and told them she was waiting. She waited another minute and Tyler showed her his star wars pictures and she smiled and thanked me again and then went back into the cold night. The next time I looked out of the window she was gone. I looked around the house and saw that we have NOTHING worth stealing and took comfort in that, then I made sure EVERYTHING was locked.

For the next 20 minutes I debated on how much I should tell Nate and cringed knowing exactly his facial expressions and the words that would come out of his mouth after telling him. I also checked the bathroom and pondered over all the questions she asked.
I did tell Nate about her and yes he did scold me but I deserved it. He wasn’t mean about it but he didn’t ignore it either. Not when it involves his lovely wife and his adorable children.

I understand that I have a problem saying, “No.” I always have. That’s why I joined this new group called POA (Push-Over Anonymous). We spend the first 30 minutes telling our stories so we never forget where we’ve come from, then for the next 30 minutes we practice saying, “No!” ;)

Actually I tried to come up with some good lines with a friend of mine so that when the next person comes to use the bathroom I’m prepared. For example, “No, I’m sorry but you can try my neighbor” or ,” Sorry our toilet is broken.” But then that would be a lie. I think I just need a sign posted on my door that says NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS.
I actually think if a man or a woman showed up at my door I would be brave enough to say no since I’ve dealt with that but heaven help me if an old lady shows up!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

An odd Confession from Swoozy

I sometimes struggle to wash the coffee pot. Don't say I didn't warn you it would be odd. Just about every time I make a pot of coffee for myself in the morning I have about or at least a cup of coffee left in the pot when I'm all done. Every time I go back into the kitchen I see it there first hot, then luke warm and then totally cold. "Time to wash me out" it says to me. "Not yet" Says I. Next time I walk in it says, "Well, how about now? What's so important that you can't wash me now?" I look around the kitchen searching for something, anything to do but wash that pot. Suddenly a scream from the other room. "Sorry pot, you're gonna have to wait a bit." I dash out of the kitchen and before I know it I'm back to fill a kids cup with milk. There it is again, this time it doesn't say anything. It doesn't need to, I can see it glaring at me. I tease it by unloading the dishwasher and putting every available dish in before finally grabbing the pot, taking it apart and putting it on the rack. "There pot, are you happy now?" I say. "Yes, til tomorrow then?" it says."Yes." I say, "Till tomorrow."

Mr. Washer

Hush little washer don't say a word, Mama's gonna buy you the best detergent. If that detergent doesn't clean Mama's gonna buy you a sewing machine. What? Sewing machine? Well can't say I didn't try.Tonight I spent some quality time with my washer. I've had my washing machine, or maybe I should say, we've had each other for seven years. Seven years of throwing clothes in and slamming the lid, sometimes only to forget that I've had a load in there for one, two, maybe even three days. Seven years of overloading and under appreciation. He finally had it and threw in (or should I say out) the towel. A broken belt was the minor infirmity with a not so minor bill, but it could have been much worse.I ran downstairs later in the evening to throw in what felt like my first ever load of laundry. Only this time I didn't throw it in but rather gently placed it in. I didn't slam the lid this time either but rather gently lowered it. As I stood back admiring my washer with a new appreciation I noticed the dust and dirt smears. Well that wouldn't do. I pulled out a handy dandy Clorox wipe and went to town on all washer parts within my eyesight, then I went above and under the call of duty by wiping under the lid as well.I gave him a pat and promised to never stuff another oversized quilt into his frame and to try my best to remove all wet clothing within a timely fashion, After all I owe him for his seven years of faithful service. Thank you Mr. Washer!I leave you with this question, "What have you done for your washer lately?"

dun dun dunnnnn

Around every corner, under every dirty piece of laundry, on every eating utensil, and in every air particle you breath, it could be there; Lurking and smirking ready to infiltrate your body to weaken your defenses and ultimately make you puke. It is the dreaded indiscriminate FLU BUG.

It’s here in my house and I am armed with Lysol spray, handy wipes, anti bacterial soaps, plastic gloves, gas masks and my wits. I am ready to show this flu bug who is boss!
But alas! What is this ache in my body? What is this queasy feeling in my stomach? Could it be? It’s all coming back to me now. The flu bug wooed me with chubby cheeks, big brown eyes and a slobbery kiss on the lips. It knew my one true weakness and used an innocent baby against me. Oh! The sorrow, the suffering, the mucus covered esophagus and gut wrenching pains!!!! I have been defeated and the flu bug has won again.

Now it's clean, now it's not

For years I have somehow managed to keep my house clean most of the time but now that my fourth has reached the age of climbing and wanting (wants me, wants food, wants drink, wants outside, wants, wants, wants) which comes with lots of screaming when his climbing is interrupted or his wants not met, I have come to see that my house is never all clean all the time. But what is worse is a smelly house. Lately I've been loosing my battle with the stink and here is an example of why.
Just the other day I was cleaning the first floor of my house when I sent Josh upstairs to use the bathroom (which only smells good for the first 2min after I clean it) It wasn't long after that I heard some strange noises. I dropped what I was doing and ran up the stairs to see Josh holding the toilet lid up with one hand and about to reach in the toilet with the other. He gave me that, "uh oh" look as I peered into the watery bowl. There happily floating in the water was a dirty diaper and a band aid and sunk underneath that and peeking out of the hole at the bottom was something blue and plastic. For two days prior to this Josh had been flushing race cars which Nate dove in after and retrieved using a plastic grocery bag as protection from the poop infested waters. Apparently it's no fun to put cars in a clean bowl...maybe Josh wanted his cars to race his poop???
So, because of that I thought it was a race car. I followed Nates example and put a grocery bag around my hand and picked out the diaper and band-aid, then came the more tricky part. I tried to pinch the blue thing with my fingers but it floated further into the hole, "Dang it!" then I saw it...some thin dirty floaters coming out of the hole..."Retreat, retreat!!!" I yanked my hand out of the toilet and the bag, noticing my hand had gotten wet...Naaaaaaasty. I searched the hall closet for my cleaning gloves (wish I had thought of that in the first place) but I couldn't find them so instead used a thin glove found underneath some cleaning products under the kitchen sink. It was thin and gross looking but it would have to do. I stretched it on and went back to the toilet. I had to plunge the toy back down along with the floaties :( I saw the blue so I pulled the glove as far as it would go on my arm and carefully pinched the toy with my fingers. This time it came out right away. My prize was a plastic transformer toy from a Happy meal. Into the trash it went along with the glove. I flushed the toilet and heard a rattling in the pipes and then a gurgle from the bowl. I had missed a toy in there and now there was no more water. :( Can't say I didn't try. Thank heavens for the basement bathroom. I gave up on the toilet and decided to leave it for Nate to fix.
Now fast-forward to when Nate gets home. I told him about the toilet upstairs and then called Josh (who was in the basement) up stairs to come see Daddy. Josh came up and we all did what we do when Daddy comes home. Kids hang on Nate while I retreat to the kitchen to cook or at least pretend to cook just to get some time away from kids hanging on me or asking for something. Several minutes later I send Uriah downstairs to make sure everything is closed up and locked. Uriah let out a scream and that’s when he found out Josh had brought in the hose which caused a minor flood. Nate cleaned up the flood and the next day the basement toilet was broken (don’t ask me why cuz I stopped caring) Now Nate’s priority was to fix the upstairs bathroom. He plunged some more sending the unknown toy further down the pipes and hopefully into the cesspit under the ground where it won’t be able to do any more harm.
It’s always something here, and I’m fine with that…really I am…it’s just the way it is…but sometimes I do get frustrated and then I think about all the fun we have when I’m not cleaning pee off the bathroom floor or fishing toys out of the toilet and think of the fun we’ll have again and it’s not so bad (most of the time). J

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rules for the Lone She-Wolf

Rules for the Lone She-Wolf

#1. Never assume the toilet seat is down. Don’t ever let your guard down. Right when you think they have mastered toilet etiquette your butt cheeks hit toilet water.

#2. While taking a shower lock the doors. If the doors don’t lock peek out every few seconds and when not peeking repeat, “I see you!” over and over again to prevent peeping toms and pranks. Boys are very curious and some husbands are known to play tricks on their wives, like dumping a cup of cold water over the shower curtain, flushing toilets or running sink water.

#3. When using the bathroom, even if you will only take 10 sec. to pee it apparently only takes little boys 3 sec. to appear out of nowhere to point and giggle or ask where your “thing” is. Always shut the door and lock it.

#4. Naps? What’s a nap? You know that thing you do laying down or if you’re me, sitting up. Use caution when taking a nap. It is always a bad idea to nap in open areas such as on the couch or worse yet, the floor. Here you will always be in continual sight. This is just asking for, “It”. “It” can mean many things, such as but not limited to, being hit on rear, face, head or any other soft spot. All the while boy shouts, “Wake up Mommy!” in your ear and then taps you on your shoulder repeating, “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! until you respond just for him to ask, “Are you sleeping?” Another nap time misadventure is having paper, food or toys placed over entire body or worse yet, in your hair.
To lessen the risks above, nap in your room with doors closed and if husband is home locked. At some point they WILL come looking for you so if desperate for sleep consider places they would never look such as in the van, attic or wherever their shoes are.

#5. Buy Boys white socks only. There are no such things as pairs in a house full of all boys.

#6. Hide your treats. If you have a favorite treat and it’s something that costs a bit more than other treats or it comes in small quantities, keep it a secret. For example, I love Klondike Bars. Only six come in a pack and they aren’t cheep. I only eat one at night when the kids are sleeping so they don’t even know Klondike’s exist. Be sure all the kids are actually asleep, you wouldn’t want them to walk in on you devouring your special treat. Throw all evidence away and under other trash. Leave no trace of crumb or chocolate smear, not even the smell on your breath. I recommend heavy brushing and flossing. A kid can smell chocolate from miles away.

Hopefully these rules can help all those lone She-Wolves out there or perhaps you would like to add some of your own.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Top 10

10. Do I continually say to strangers on behalf of my sons, "I'm sorry."
9. I think about buying a children's leash.
8. the AC is on 24/7
7. Someone else cooks dinner.
6. My toenails get painted hot pink.
5. Parents consider lolly pop's gifts from Heaven.
4. it's okay to buy cheep and cheesy gifts and t-shirts.
3. There is an unspoken agreement of "Don't ask, Don't tell" when it comes to bathroom breaks.
2. Is it excepted to pee in a used coffee cup while driving on the highway.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer time aches and pains

The heat can make people do all sorts of crazy things right? Like going out in public in too little clothing, paying $3 for 1 popsicle off the "ice cream truck", or even taking a turn on the slip-n-slide as a grown adult. I haven't gone out in public with too little clothing yet...that's this weekend, however I have paid an arm and a leg for ice cream (which is going to make swimming tricky) and I went down the slip-n-slide last weekend.
Saturday morning was HOT and the kids were bursting at the screen door seems. So after Nate mowed the lawn we filled the kiddie pool and hooked up the slip-n-slide. I stood by and watched the boys run onto the plastic and then "slide". Needless to say that was dangerous and not really getting them anywhere. So I just HAD to show them how it was to be done. So I told them to, "Watch out boys! It's Mama's turn. Watch-n-Learn" I stood a few steps back and aimed straight ahead. Eye's trained on my destination (the pool of water at the end) I took off at a fast step and dove, arms straight out. My form was perfect (for a belly flop) unfortunately my body didn't agree. When landing my ribs and all other bodily organs shouted out in agony. I don't know if it was the cold water Nate was spraying on me from the hose or my pride, but I refused to listen to Nate when he said, "Suzie, that sounded really loud." a touch of warning was in his voice, but I took it as, "Suzie you're too heavy for that." So I just had to do it again and again and again and (just one more time) again. After the first plop the others went by with a breeze and I was having fun.
Fast forward to Sunday morning when the sun was up and I rolled over in bed. I was smacked with pain across my abdomen, when I sat up it felt like I had been doing sit ups all night long. I stumbled down stairs and headed past my bright eyed and bushy tailed kids and husband on towards the coffee pot. After starting the heavenly brew I shuffled to Nate and told him my woes. He didn't hesitate when he said, "It was that dive you did on the Slip-n-Slide! I told you it was loud!" Ugh...he was right. I did absolutely nothing else that would have come close to breaking ribs. For the next three days I took it easy and steered clear of the Slip-n-Slide.
Age has truly robbed me of one pretty cool summer time water activity. sigh. Let this be a warning to any other almost 30 and above person who may be reading this. The next time I go down a slip-n-slide I'll be in a seated position with my children pulling me down by my feet....or not.

Relay Recovery

It involves a lot of coffee.
I didn't know what to expect from Relay for Life because it was my first year going to one. When I first got there I saw tables set up in the middle of the arena where people were selling food and other things to help raise money and a bunch of people walking around checking things out. As it became closer for the ceremonies to begin, more family and friends showed up to support the walkers and Relay.
Survivors of Cancer were the first ones to walk a lap while everyone else stood on the sides clapping as they went sending out love and support. I couldn't help feeling sad as I wished Mom was walking with them but of course it was wonderful to see that people can survive Cancer and to see them walking was awesome! I walked during the caretakers lap with two of my girlfriends who also lost their mom to cancer each of us looking WAY too young to have had to take care of their mothers. It was emotional and rewarding at the same time. All those strangers standing there, no one knew my story but they have their own which probably doesn't very too much from my own. They knew our struggle and they were honoring it with their smiles, tears and applause. It was the first time I've ever "shared" something so personal with so many people under one roof. I think you would have to go to understand what I mean, it's hard to explain.
After the laps we stood by our Luminaries (white paper bags w/candle inside) that lined the track and we each lit ours when they said it was time. They had bags for in memory of or in Honor of and we put the persons name on it ourselves and could decorate it. I put a flower on mom's because she always doodled flowers...I would have put a cow on it but I'm not an artist. Mom loved cows. She was a teacher so it was always known amongst the kids and parents that she liked cows so over the years she collected many a cow figurine. They were all over our house:) She was a true southern farmer in heart from her love of sweet tea and sweet deserts all the way down to her bare feet digging into the garden soil.
A man played taps on the bagpipes as the candles flickered in the dark and we all thought of our loved ones. When the lights came on it was time to get back to selling soup and walking. Our team sold French onion soup that did pretty well thanks to the cold and rain. :) A DJ played music all night to keep us going and Elvis made an appearance around 2am dressed in an electrifying blue diamond studded jump suit. Elvis was missing his hair and height so if you've seen them kindly collect them and send it to him.
I noticed around 3am that my eyes were really having trouble focusing on things and they were pretty red when I looked in the mirror so I decided to lay down on the cot and try to rest for a few minutes. Before I knew it I woke up to hear the announcer say "Good Morning everyone it's 6 o'clock." I had somehow managed to sleep :) Most of my team stayed awake the whole night!! Suckers:) haha just kidding:)
What I learned about Relay for Life is that we really are raising money for a great cause. With some of the money raised they were able to start up a call center to answer questions about cancer as well as to be there when someone just needs to talk. What a great thing to do! I also saw for my self how Relay can bring hundreds of people together to celebrate those who have beat cancer, honor those who have passed on and to fight back so hopefully no one will have to experience Cancer ever again.
So be careful of what you eat, wear sunscreen, and visit your doctor. If you know someone who has or had cancer I encourage you to come out and be apart of Relay next year. Weather that means joining a team or just being there for support it's all very much appreciated. It shows you care and that's something special.

A Mother's day Story

I am going to tell you about the day my mom died, but before I do I have to take you back, way back to when I was a little girl so you can understand my depth of love and my connection to her.

It was a day like any other, spent playing with my brother Jeff and my sister Becky and we were all geared up for that night because Mom was going to sit down with us and watch a special TV movie. Mom turned off the lights, popped the pop corn and we all settled down in our seats to watch the Disney movie DUMBO.

My excitement soon turned into sadness when Dumbo sneezed and the other mommy elephants started making fun of him for his BIG EARS. My sadness only deepened when a boy visiting the circus made fun and scared Dumbo sending Dumbo's mom into a frenzy. I finally broke down and started crying when the circus handlers came and forced Dumbo's mom into a small boxcar separating Dumbo and his mother. Dumbo was alone and forced away from his mother. There in the darkness curled up on our gold sofa I sniffed and quietly wiped away tears. Mom had been sitting on the floor with my brother and sister. She looked back at me with concern and asked why I was crying. Then she told me that in the end everything would be okay. What I really felt inside was not only a sadness for Dumbo but I realized that something could somehow come between me and my mother. I could loose her!!! She had turned back to the movie but I couldn't. For the first time ever I saw her there and was afraid that one day she might not be. My heart ached and all I could do was cry because I didn't have the understanding and words to describe how I felt. There were more sad parts in the movie along with some funny ones and in the end Mom was right, every thing did turn out okay. Dumbo was re united with his mother and everything was even better than before. I on the other hand clung to my mother for the next decade or so, much to her annoyance. If she went out of town (which was hardly ever) I would cry and worry the whole time she was gone and I didn't enjoy one minute of the time she was gone. When she came home I could breath again and be happy. Mom was my every thing! I loved her beyond words or expression.

Now fast forward to my teen years when just about everyone takes their mothers for granted. I was no exception unfortunately. I still would have "Dumbo" moments but for the most part I was happy to branch off. Then one day that fear became real when mom and Dad told us kids that mom's lump was cancer. For the next few years we were all on an emotional roller coaster. I was that little girl again. I was afraid of every moment of every day because some day she was going to be taken away. I lived every day keeping that fear inside, trying to be hopeful and pray for a miracle. I couldn't help wondering though that maybe it wasn't Gods' plan to heal her.

Early in the morning of May 4, 1998 Mom's breathing became very labored and she was struggling to stay alive. Dad called the hospice nurse and she told us today was the day. Mom was dieing and it was time for each of us to say our good byes. Dad left to pick Becky up from school and called Jeff to come home. I sat on the edge of Mom's hospital bed that was placed in our dining room and held her hand. I took a minute or two to compose myself. Our very helpful hospice nurse explained how we should say good bye to help Mom pass. We were to not let mom hear us cry and to be strong for her. We had to let her know that we would be okay and that it was okay for her to let go. It was the HARDEST thing I ever had to do in my life. I held her limp hand and studied her face as I pushed the lump in my throat down further so I could speak. I told her it was me and had to pause because I just wanted to cry. I told her I loved her and that I always would love her. Mom made some sounds as if she were trying to say something and her eyes fluttered open. I saw here eyes for a moment and then she was struggling for air again. I told her I saw her beautiful brown eyes and that I would tell everyone that she loves them. She settled after that and her labored breathing continued. I told her I would miss her so much but that we would be okay and that it was okay for her to go. We would all take care of each other and mostly Becky. I gave her a kiss and held her hand until it was someone else's turn to come say goodbye. More family and friends arrived and before we knew it we were all gathered around her for it was time for her to pass. I sat on her left and listened as Pastor Grant read from the Bible just as Mom asked him to do. As he read I prayed for God to send Angel's to come get mom and soon for I couldn't bare to see her in pain anymore. I wanted her to be whole again, to be without pain and sadness even if that meant I would be without her. Slowly her breaths spaced out and finally she breathed out her last and that's when we all let out our sadness in our sobs. In that same moment of pain and loss there was a peace. I could feel Mom's presence, a lightness and a release. I felt that everything was going to be okay. Mom was on her way to Jesus and He was telling her that He would take care of us. Isn't that just what she needed to hear? What any mother who had to leave her children and husband would want to hear, and we are okay. She on the other hand is WAY more than okay. She's whole again and she's waiting for us. What a day that will be when I can run into her arms and feel her arms around me and hear her voice in my ear.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crazy town seeks new residents

There is this boy who may or may not be my son and he's driving me to crazy town. Somehow he reached the keys, shoved me in the backseat and took off at full speed and he's not showing any signs of slowing down. As he says, "tuper tast!" for all of you who may or may not have kids that means "Super Fast!"
I REALLY don't want to go to crazy town. I heard once you get there it's hard to find your way back. While their hair mysteriously turns grey and falls out, fingernails are chomped off, people walk around yelling and screaming at little people who don't even hear them, leaving the occupants of crazy town feeling...well....CRAZY!
Every day I find myself saying over and over again these things which may or may not be said in this order: STOP, STOP IT, STOP THAT, STOP THAT OR ELSE, DON'T DO THAT AGAIN, CORNER, TIME OUT!, SAY SORRY, BE CAREFUL, WATCH IT, DON'T SAY THAT. I could go on but it's too depressing.
I have found something that seems to help turn him around and drive me back to normall. It's hugs and kisses and lots of love. Sometimes it may work for a few minutes or sometimes right when I let him go he's stepping on the gas and driving "Tuper Tast!"
I've never met a boy that may or may not be my son that could be so sweet, cute and cuddly and still be so much a boy!
So if you see a "Tuper Tast" car fly by you some day and you see an old lady in the back seat yelling at the driver who may or may not be her son to "STOP IT" don't be too alarmed It may or may not be me back there.
****Caution: If you really do see an old woman in the backseat of a car that's going super fast and she's yelling at the driver, copy the tags and call 911.****

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Barber Shop

Mom didn't get mad at me for most things other moms might have such as getting dirty or eating cat food...mmmm cat food. I couldn't resist those little x's and o's and the sour taste in my cheeks, hey I was 5 and didn't know any better:) ha. There were however two things that really got to her. Refusing to put on a dress (especially on Sunday's) and the mother of all "girl" sins CUTTING MY OWN HAIR.
It was a warm and sunny day. A perfect day for playing barber shop with a little friend of mine named T.C. My mom babysat T.C. for a few days a week which I loved because it gave me someone to play with while Jeff was in school. I sat T.C. down in the "Barber chair" which was located in our living room. I then tried my best to brush her tangled brown hair but kept getting stuck. Well that just wouldn't do! Hmmm I paused. Perhaps at this moment in the spiritual realm you may have seen a little red devil on one shoulder holding a pair of scissors and grinning from ear to ear and on the other an angel waving it's arms trying to get my attention. I think that angel already knew he was beat. "Stay right there." I commanded T.C. Just like that I was gone and back again with a big pair of Mama sized scissors. I was so excited about cutting hair for the first time ever that I never stopped to think of the permanence real scissors would do. I grabbed a chunk of T.C.'s hair and squeezed. The vibration of each cut hair coursed through the scissors and into my little hand sending me a thrill. The snip snip sound made me want to cut more. So I pulled my own hair out in front of my face and placed the scissors as far up with me still being able to see them and watched the hairs fall in a perfectly unstraight line. I thought I did a good job until my mom walked in and gasped and no it was not a happy gasp but rather shocked and angry. I promptly had the scissors taken away along with any remaining hair still clutched in my hand.
Mom gave me a talking to and I shyly made my apologies to T.C.'s mom. Later that weekend I went to a real barber shop where they cut off many more hairs. Mom had to make me get out of the car when we got home. I walked as slow as I could with my head hung in shame. Mom asked what was wrong with me. I told her that I looked like a boy and that Dad wouldn't know me, he was going to think I was a little boy. I was so scared and embarrassed to go in the house. I saw dad through the glass panels of our sun porch. He was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper. Mom snapped me out of my daydreams of Dad thinking I was another son and in I walked. Dad put down his paper and took a look at me and my hair and told me it looked nice. Wow! he knew it was me and I was free to go play.
In the beginning my short hair felt like a neon sign flashing, "Suzie was a bad girl and cut her own hair!!!" then I got used to it and life went on as before except instead of scissors we used fingers to cut hair in "Barber shop".

Saturday, January 12, 2008


There is a place that is literally waiting for me. There are trees with beautiful pink Roses that hold their breath for me. Where the wind blows, circling, searching for me. A crystal clear stream runs through it waiting to splash my toes. Grass so soft and green it begs me to roll in it. This place longs to hear my laugh, to feel my touch, to have me. God waits for me.

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions
Everyone has family Christmas traditions. In our family they weren't big and high scale, they were a bunch of small special moments that when put all together made up our own unique tradition.
Our first sign of Christmas as kids was when a very BIG very special piece of mail came. Drum roll please....................the "J.C. Penny Catalog"! Oh yes. We each grabbed our own color marker and turned the pages very carefully to the toy section. There on those beautiful glossy pages we circled and circled and circled some more until our hands cramped and the markers went dry. We knew we couldn't get all those toys but it was so much fun to wish and let our imaginations go. After all Santa needed lots of ideas and who knew maybe Santa would run out of a certain toy and would need more ideas. After we were done circling we would go back and look again throughout the days before Christmas. Our next order of business was to watch as many Christmas specials on TV as possible. Now when we were Christmas rookies we didn't have VCR's to tape shows and we only had about 13 channels to choose from and no remotes. So we picked one at a time. Our favorites were "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and the Little House on the Prairie Christmas. Then there were all the old classics.
Now the real anticipation starts with the last day of school before Christmas break. Everyone delighted in their Christmas parties and dreamed of our two weeks of vacation. That weekend Mom and Dad would bundle us up and stuff us in the car at night and we'd drive around aimlessly looking for Christmas lights. To make it more interesting Dad would have us all ooh and aah at all the pretty lights. The more we liked them the louder and longer the "OOOH" and "AHHH"s became.
Next came Christmas Eve Every year we went to Mema and Pop pop's house for our family Christmas party. Everyone brought their gifts for the exchange and put them under the tree. It was soooo beautiful! All the reds and greens and all kinds of bows. Once our eyeballs were tired of taking over our senses our nostrils were overcome by smells so sumptuous our mouths began to water. Mema is the best cook in the south! She made Roast Beef, Ham, and a Turkey. Sweet potatoes,green beans, black eyed peas, mashed potatoes, and all kinds of deserts. On top of all that were the dishes all the Aunts and Uncles brought along. It was a FEAST! Soon after dinner it was time to open presents and we all gathered by the tree. After everyone had a gift in their lap it was time to open them at which time a lot of joy was heard around the room. A little while later we said our good byes to family and headed home. We didn't mind because we knew the faster we fell asleep the faster Santa came:) Once we were dressed for bed the phone would ring. Mom would answer and tell us it was Santa from the North Pole! Mom would pass the phone to Jeff, then me and then Becky. We couldn't wait to say hello! That done we would run to our rooms and snuggle under our covers and try our best to fall asleep quickly.
I think the best part of Christmas is that moment when you first crack open your eyes and it dawns on you, "It's Christmas morning!! PRESENTS!" I remember being a little afraid of going out all by myself so I would wake up Becky and then go get Jeff. Then we would all peek at the presents under the sparkling tree. Then we ran and jumped on mom and dad so they would wake up:) They would always act like it was too early but we knew they were just as excited. We saw their smiles and we knew they were watching us. It was a time of joy and fun and most of all LOVE. When all the gifts were opened mom and dad would repeat the love story about baby Jesus so we would never forget why we celebrate Christmas.
Now we've started new family traditions upon our old ones. We still drive around to look at lights and give our ratings of "OOH" and "AHH", Christmas movies are in plenty, Santa still calls and most importantly Jesus is loved.

Loose Change

Loose Change
This is an old school story that my parents have told us a few times and I think that most of us could commiserate with them in this moment of their newly married life.
It was a HOT summer weekend when Bruce and Rosie were two newly marrieds. They lived in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny (not bikini) house. Apparently it only took one step to get from one side of the kitchen to the other. It was a one bedroom with a small living area and tiny bathroom. Rosie was a new teacher in the public school system teaching middle school hellions. She did her best to keep the kids in the classroom. Like angling her desk in front of the door so they would have to run directly past her to get out. Kids still managed to jump out the open second story window in the summer time. With no air conditioning she wasn't able to keep it closed. See I told you they were Hellions. When kids were disrupting the class too much she would have to send them to the principles office. One day the janitor approached Rosie and told her, "Don't send the kids to the principles office when they're bad. They like it there because he has a window unit, send them to me in the boiler room." So from that point on that's where the kids went. Needless to say her class improved after that. Bruce worked at a print shop running press. It's a very hard and loud job. So on this particular Saturday Rosie and Bruce decided to treat themselves to a cold fizzy soda. They looked all over the house which wasn't a lot for loose change. They finally found what they needed in the couch cushions and headed off to the convenient store. They bought an ice cold coke and walked home with it laughing and excited to get in the house to enjoy their treasure. Bruce held the coke in one hand and got his keys out with the other. As he moved his hand to push in the key the coke bottle slid out from his hand and onto the cement porch crashing and gushing fizzy coke by their hot feet. OH! the HORROR! What disappointment! Somehow they made it through the weekend and lived many happy years together. Some days with a Coke some days without.

What Ever Happened to Bob White?

What ever happened to Bob White??
When I was in the sixth grade the forest we would go for walks in was cut down. A developer bought it and built 100's of homes clumped together. That meant no more family walks to the 7-11 to buy treats. In the forest we had our own monkey vine to swing on and Dad would always make calls to Bob White and Bob White would always answer back. In case you don't know who Bob White is...he is a bird:) Dad whistled one long flat note followed by a quick short high note. Sure enough Bob White would whistle back and sounded just like Dad. We would try our hand at it but Dad was the only one who had the knack for it. I still don't know how to whistle...I can suck air in and it sounds like a whistle but technically I guess I'm not actually whistling.
Anyway....It wasn't long before we saw the neon orange and yellow markers tied to the trees and soon after that we heard machines pushing over our trees. It was very sad but we made do. After the trees were gone and it rained there were acres of MUD!!!! Dry mud and wet mud. This was awesome for riding bikes! Mom would walk down with us and stand by as we wheeled our way around and tore up earth. One day after it had rained there were mud puddles galore. Jeff and I begged mom to let us jump in and being a country girl herself she said, "Yes." So we took off our shoes and socks then stood on the cracked edge of heavenly bliss. Jeff and I held hands and counted to three. Jumped as high as we could and came smashing down into the cool fantastic muddiness that was mud! We were in mud above our knees. Such giggling and joy we had that was a kids least these two kids. We tried our best to walk but didn't make it too far so we picked it up in our hands and squished it through our fingers, made balls and plunged our arms into it. When it was time to go Mom pulled us out and when we got back home she hosed us off which was another kind of fun.
It's sorta like that saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." except this would be, "When developers tear down your forests, make mud puddles."

A lesson for me

A lesson for me
I was talking to Jesus and praying for my friends and family and the hurting children all over the world. I can't see their faces or know there names but I ache for all of them. I implored Him, "Lord please come now...for the children, for all of us Lord," "Why wait any longer?" was the question in the back of my mind and he heard it (or course He did, He's God) and he said to me, "Because of the unsaved" He's waiting for the unsaved to turn to Him. I think we can help in God's return by talking to those around us about Jesus. We can't make up their minds but we can at least make them think, plant God's word.
I was also thinking about those precious and innocent children that die from sickness and starvation and murders around the world and God comforted me by letting me know...He knows about it and He loves them too...they don't die in vain...they are His children and when they die they are immediately in his Kingdom. Their suffering here is forgotten by them but not by God and He rewards them for their strength and suffering. They will be hungry no more, they will be sad no more, they will want for nothing. Praise the Lord! Our time here is so short, our suffering seems like it lasts forever but we are wrong. It lasts but for a short time and when we meet Jesus it will all be worth it. For we are all sinners and we don't even deserve Jesus but He loves us and takes us and doesn't hold our sins against guilt trips either. Does that mean our efforts to feed the starving, and cloth the poor and help our brothers and sisters is in vain??? NO!!! God works through us to help his people (That's all of us).
Last night Gabe was asleep in his crib and I stood over him praying that God would just clear Gabe's nose free from snot so he could breath and sleep through the night. I waited a few seconds to hear it all of the sudden disappear. Then I felt really silly...God helped me see that no Suzie I don't just magically make people better "I can and sometimes do, but not all the time" "Why?" I thought. "Because then you would never learn how to do things on your own. We need to work together." he told me. Wow...I already knew that but I had forgotten. I wanted God to do it. so what did I do next??? I got the vaporizer out and filled it with water and put it in Gabe's room to clear his nose. Did Gabe sleep through the night??? No. It took a long time to get him comfortable and to bed. Yes I was frustrated that I didn't get my alone time to relax and I even got mad. I also understood that it wasn't God's fault. Sometimes (a lot of the times) kids get sick and their bodies have to learn how to fight off infections so they are healthier in the long run. If God healed us of all of our sicknesses right away our bodies and minds wouldn't be able to function in this world. So thank you Lord for teaching me again:)

Dogs, Flyswatters and Soap. OH MY!

Dogs, Flyswatters and soap oh my!
Let's see my 30th blog...that's a lot. I still have a lot to write about and it's hard to pick just one thing. I have SO many memories of my childhood because it was so much FUN! Life was good. It still is but now that I'm an adult with a family I have a lot of responsibility and I know what's going on in the world around me. So we try our best to still have fun and I think it's going pretty well:)
I thought about our babysitter today and with that thought came a lot of memories. Her name was Charlotte and she had a husband named Donny and three teenage kids, two girls and a boy. There was also an old old old old (did I say old?) lady...well more like dragon that lived under the floor boards...okay okay in an apartment in the basement. Charlotte's house was not fun. She had old plastic toys most of which were dull and brown and missing pieces. Looking through the toy box is comparable with you as an adult looking in the refrigerator several times within seconds hoping to find some new delicious snack that magically appeared while you shut the door. Same outcome at Charlotte's...sigh and shut the lid. Thankfully we were not the only inmates. There were others! some younger some older. Some kids were lucky and only had to come after school. Besides the lack of toys we also had a sweltering backyard to play in. Her backyard was fenced in and once again was devoid of toys. I think I remember a tennis ball and a racket. There was only one tree in her yard and that was next to the neighbor's 6 ft. fence. On the other side of this fence lived a snarling barking dog that wanted to eat us. So we would sit under the tree in the shade and listen to the dog next door scratch at the ground and fence trying it's best to get to us and rip us to shreds. We would make up stories about the dog or dare each other to throw something over the fence. I'm happy to say that no one was ever eaten. When Charlotte was done making us suffer in the heat she would call us in for lunch that our parents packed in lunch boxes. Inside those lunchboxes were our thermoses full of heavenly Kool-aid tropical fruit punch. We were dieing for a drink! Charlotte made it very clear that we had to eat all our food before we could drink and if we drank it all before our food was eaten we weren't' allowed anything else to drink! (I do believe this is why I don't drink until I'm done w/my dinner to this day) There was a girl named Terry who was Jeff's age so like 7 and she was fearless. She wasn't afraid of the old lady in the basement but we were. Sometimes Charlotte would make us go down into the basement where all her shelves were stacked with stuff. The old lady lived on the other half and if we weren't quiet she would come out and hold up her fly swatter and threaten us with it. One day Terry rebelled and knocked on the old lady's door. We all ran behind some shelves and out came the lady and chased Terry around swatting her legs. Talk about Frightening:) Another time we were put in the basement I had to go pee really really bad but I was afraid to go upstairs to the bathroom because Charlotte had told us to stay put. All the kids were urging me to go up...I made it half way up the basement stairs and then couldn't hold it any longer:( poor me...I had to go up and tell her what I had done. So she huffed at me but said I should have gone upstairs. I think I should have told my parents all this stuff a long time ago but I didn't.
Overall Charlotte was a nice lady but times were different and that was normal...I guess. Charlotte's husband was tall, thin and white haired. He LOVED to tickle me and I HATED him tickling me. He thought it was the funniest thing. I remember one time my parents had to leave us there over night because Nanny had died. I remember wanting to cry my eyes out or wish myself into my parents car as they pulled away. I clung to my mom's leg as Danny stretched his arms out for me as he sat on the couch making tickling motions with his hands and laughing. (TRUST ME MEN, If you are teasing a little girl or boy and they don't smile or they look's because THEY ARE! so don't do that.) For some reason he thought I liked him tickling me. He didn't mean any harm by it but it bothered me. That night Charlotte gave us a bath:( I still remember the smell of the soap she was a big blue bar of soap...and later in life when I used it again I had flashbacks of seeing that Coast bar coming at me in Charlotte's hand. She got us squeaky clean and ready for bed. We slept on the floor of her son Kevin's bedroom floor. After church we came back to her house where the girls Donna and Lisa were painting their nails and watching the Dukes of Hazard (that was the only thing we liked about the weekend) Lisa had a sewing needle in her hand and she showed me how she could put it through her skin without it hurting her. She threatened to hold me down and put it through mine next. Somehow we managed to last the weekend and we were never so happy to get back home. I'm thinking that Nanny Cam was a great invention:)


What I am thankful for this year
1.Thankful for God and his love for's SO GREAT!
2.Thankful for God's understanding and patience
3.My husband who does his best every day to be a good Husband and Father
4.My children. They are so beautiful inside and out.
5.Our good health and God's protection over us
6.Our extended families who offer love and support
7.Our friends both old and new and for the ones to come
8.For a home and food to put in it.
9.For all of the extra blessings that make every day more comfortable and fun.
10. For all of the unknowns.


"Honey, can you change the babies diaper?" "no, I changed it last time" "No you didn't I specifically remember changing the last diaper on the living room floor an hour ago" "I changed the diaper just 10 min ago so it's your turn".
***All Potty squad employee's have had an extensive background check and are licensed professionals. All Potty squad employees have been trained in diaper change technique and proper hand washing.
***If you ever catch a Potty squad employee not washing up after a diaper change we will give you a month of diaper change service FREE.
***PottySquad employee's are only licenced to change diapers of children ages 0-2years. If you have an adult that needs changing please call our sister company DependsOnYou at 1-800-POO-ONYOU

Prince Charming

Sun shining, green pastures passing by and my face an inch away from the car window with big eyes staring and mouth open. That was my usual position when in the car. I was always daydreaming. I still do all day long while washing dishes or picking up the boys my mind never stops wondering. From a little kid on I could day dream so well that I would make myself sad enough to cry. In elementary school I was usually day dreaming about prince charming. Sometimes my prince charming was a boy from school and sometimes he was a frog that I needed to catch and kiss. This particular day it was another slimy critter.
I was in the woods behind my elementary school with my brother Jeff. We were playing while mom graded papers and met with other teachers. That's when I spotted my prince charming. He was in the form of a slimy grey slug:) I had tried kissing toads and frogs but they never worked so I figured I should at least try kissing a slug. I picked him up with my fingers and watched him hug my finger. Jeff ran over to see what I had. I told him I was going to kiss it. He gave a disgusted look which was quickly replaced by a look of intrigue. Jeff watched as I brought the slug up to eye level. I inspected my prince looking for the perfect spot to kiss. "nope, no dry spots anywhere here goes..." I thought and then puckered up and touched my lips to the slug. Turns out my prince slug was just a slug. I quickly scraped slug off my finger and wiped my lips with my shirt a few times and wiped my fingers on my shorts. Well that was over and I would never kiss another slug again. Jeff and I decided to run up the dirt hill and then run down it as fast as our little legs would let us. After a few times of doing this I stubbed my big toe on a small tree stump. No big deal it didn't even hurt but we were tired so we climbed the hill to go back to the school building. Once I reached the top I said to Jeff, "Man my foot is all sweaty" I could feel my foot slipping around in my sandal and hear it squish. Jeff and I looked down at the same time and we both screamed. My right foot was covered in blood!! My sandal was filled with it. That's what I felt squishing between my toes and under my foot. I was frozen in that spot screaming. Once I saw the blood pumping out of my big toe the pain came rushing through my body. Jeff sprang into action and ran to get help. Then I saw "Him" running towards me concern and fear on his face. It was Ricky Taylor! I was in love with Ricky Taylor. He was Mrs.Taylor the sixth grade teacher's son. He was in the sixth grade and I was in first but that didn't matter to me. He was tall, athletic, artistic and he was nice to me and oh yeah...cute:) Ricky ran right up to me saw my bleeding foot and then wonders of all wonders he scooped me up into his arms and carried me across the parking lot to the school where he passed me off to my mom who had just gotten to the door. Mom carried me to the bathroom and sat me on the counter top. Teachers surrounded me as mom turned on the cold water and put my toe under the rushing water. It felt SOOOOOOOO good. Blood and dirt washed away and down the drain. Mom took my foot out of the water and I started balling again as the pain started to pound my toe. They wrapped my toe and off we went to the hospital where they gave me a butterfly cast.
I had to sit a lot and couldn't play kickball in PE but it wasn't so bad because I could day dream about Ricky Taylor coming to my rescue. I didn't get prince charming by kissing a slug that day but I did get a prince charming by stubbing my toe. To me the pain was worth years of reliving the moment Ricky Taylor scooped me up and carried me.

My Little Stinker

When Tyler was a little over one year old we lived in a spacious apartment complex in Bethlehem. On this particular day Uriah was taking a nap in his room and Tyler was crawling around the living room area while I was cleaning the kitchen. As I was scrubbing the counter tops I heard a crunch and immediately new that Tyler had put something in his mouth and had bitten into it. So I ran over to see what it could have been. As I got closer I could smell something strong. I recognised the smell from my childhood days. It smelled like pine needles only stinky pine needles. What smells like stinky pine needles but isn't stinky pine needles? A squished bug! or in this case a chomped bug, and not just any bug. A STINK BUG! That's what we called those flat grey bugs you usually see crawling up the siding of your house. I put my thumb on Tyler's chin and pulled down to see what was inside and there between his smiling teeth were stink bug parts the legs dangling from his teeth. "SPIT IT OUT TYLER! SPIT SPIT!" but no such luck Tyler was afraid to do anything with that bug once he saw me freaking out. I HATE Stink bugs! Even though this was my child with one in his mouth I could not stick my finger in there and come in contact with this nasty thing. I needed some kind of coverage for my finger. So I ran to the kitchen and pulled off a paper towel, wrapped it around my finger as I ran back to Tyler and scooped that stink bug out of his mouth. Then I gave Tyler a sippy full of water to wash down any remaining parts of the bug. Tyler to this day loves to hear about how he ate a Stink bug:)

This Breaking News Just in...

This Breaking news just in.....
After a long emotionally wrecked 24 hours the wait has ended. Joshua has pooped out the magnetix ball.
It was documented that doctor's received a call from Joshua's mother around 9am Monday morning claiming that her son Joshua had swallowed a small magnetix ball that had been left on the family's desk top. Josh's mother said she had found the ball in her pocket that morning and had placed it on the desk intending to put it away when they got back from dropping her two older children off at school.
Upon entering the house Josh's mother sat at the desk looking at pictures while Josh watched a cartoon. She then asked Josh to sit on her lap so they could look at pictures together. As she pulled Josh onto her lap she heard a sound come from Josh's mouth but thought nothing of it. That's when she heard Josh swallow and he proclaimed "Ouch". She asked what Josh had swallowed and he said and I quote, "Magnetix Ball". Josh's mother gave him water to drink and called the doctor. While she waited for the doctor she found out that magnetix toys have been the cause of some deaths in children due to swallowing a metal ball and a magnetic piece, causing the pieces to connect while in the intestines and thereby causing death if not treated right away. After talking to the doctors Josh's mother gave him lots of bread upon the doctor's advice and watched him carefully for stomach pain. She was also the head of poop patrol. 24 hours and 3 poopy diapers later Josh's mom struck gold or should we say metal. No pain was felt during the passing of the small metal ball only great relief. :) Our best wishes to Josh and his family. Since Josh's incident the family continues to search the house of all magntix pieces so they can send it back to the manufacture.
That's all for today now back to your "regular" programing.....

My Salvation

No story has more meaning to an individual than their "Jesus story". So here is my crystal clear memory of when I asked Jesus into my heart in the summer of '84.
Nanny wasn't feeling good and hadn't been feeling good for a while so our family made the four hour drive to Pennsylvania. All Jeff and I knew was that Nanny was sick. We didn't know that she had cancer and was dieing. It was a beautiful day. We pulled into the hospital parking lot around noon and dad parked the car under some trees for shade. Dad got out of the car and walked into the hospital while we waited in the car. Mom told us that children weren't allowed in to see Nanny so we waited quietly in the back seat. I remember looking at the hospital dotted with windows and wondered which one Nanny was behind and I started wondering how sick she really was. I asked my mom if Nanny would be okay and she told me that Nanny was going to die. I asked "Is Nanny going to heaven?" Mom said, "Yes." I thought a second and then said, "I want to go to heaven too and be with Nanny." I had been raised knowing God and so to know that Nanny was going to heaven and not "that other place" satisfied me and made Nanny's passing easier. She was going to be well again and see Jesus and she would be there waiting for us. So there I was in the backseat with Jeff and Becky on either side and Mom turned in the front seat looking at me. Mom asked,"Would you like to ask Jesus into your heart?" I shyly said, "Yes." Mom had me tell her the salvation story to make sure I knew what Jesus did for us and what that meant. I told her that, "God sent Jesus to earth to die for our sins on the cross so that we could go to heaven to be with Him and that he rose again on the third day and went to heaven." We assumed our prayer positions of folded hands with head down...I made sure Jeff had his eyes closed too. This was a special moment and I didn't want Jeff interrupting it:)
I repeated these words after my mother, "Dear Jesus, I believe that you died on the cross for my sins and rose from the grave on the third day. Please forgive my sins Lord. I ask you into my heart Lord. I love You, Amen." The Lord filled my heart that day. I knew it. As one life was ending and going to be with the Lord mine was beginning. Can you believe that is all God asks of us? To believe in Him and then say a prayer asking Him into our heart. He didn't give us a list of things to do. It was so simple and true that even as a kid I got it. I understood Jesus, I knew that He loved me. Thank you Lord for loving even me. Thank you Lord for saving me. I LOVE YOU LORD!

Naked Squirrel

Naked Squirrel
It was that time of year again when teachers and kids stood behind a big truck unloading boxes upon boxes of chocolate candy bars for our elementary school fund raiser. Jeff and I took home our boxes and gazed longingly at all the varied chocolate bars. On the weekend Jeff and I made the rounds around the neighborhood.
Wood edge Drive was in the shape of a Y and had no outlet. This made it easy for us to know all of our neighbors so we were allowed to go ring doorbells on our own. We had all kinds of neighbors and just about all of them were friendly. We stayed away from the ones who weren't. Like the lady who always seemed grumpy even when she was happy. She had three ugly Scottish terriers that wore kerchiefs around the neck and yapped and chased us the length of her chain linked fence. Another one we stayed away from was a man that lived on the left end. He never drove a car. He would come walking up the street sometimes always smoking a cigarette and stand by the telephone pole across the street from our house. He was waiting for his ride. Looking back I would say that he may have been a drunk living with his mother. To us back then he was creepy and we stayed far away while we spied on him. On one particular day while he was waiting by his pole my sister and I were playing with the girls across the street. This pole was right next to their drive way and we were playing in the back. When we saw him we all ran and hid behind a huge tree trunk and peeked around to see what he was doing. We saw him put out his cigarette then turn around in our direction. Quickly we ducked back behind the tree our hearts racing. I peeked out again and saw something streaming from his lower body… "He's PEEING!" I yelled in a whisper. At this point we all RAN into the basement and giggled until our cheeks hurt. One of the most interesting neighbors we had was named Roy. He lived by himself two houses down from ours on the right. He wore a black leather vest and oily jeans at all times. He had long thin golden hair that he wore in a pony tail and a thick goatee. When we saw him it was usually just his legs sticking out from under a car or bike he was working on in his garage. It is Roy that made it in our family history book that candy selling day.
Jeff and I walked up his front porch steps and stood in front of Roy's screen door and knocked. We heard rock music coming from the kitchen and then we heard Roy's voice saying he was coming. He showed up at the door smiling and said hello. We gave him our rehearsed plea to buy candy bars and he said , "Sure, come on in and I'll see what you got." Roy opened the door and we saw in his one hand a knife but that wasn't the memorable part it was the dead, limp and half peeled squirrel he was holding in the other hand. He saw our faces and quickly explained to us how he hunts squirrel and eats them. Jeff and I were amazed! We never knew that people ATE squirrel. To us they were cute furry critters that we chased up trees. We followed Roy to the kitchen where he stood by the sink and we watched as he slid the knife under the squirrel's skin and peeled off the fur as if it were an apple peel. I don't know about all squirrel's, but this one had a light brown or cream colored skin and it looked wet. Jeff and I stood and watched as he finished with the squirrel and plopped it on the counter where it lay naked. When Roy was done washing up he picked out his candy bars and then Jeff and I raced home to tell Mom what we had just seen. I've never seen a naked squirrel since and I'm okay with thatJ

Sweet Suzie's Devilish Deeds

Sweet Suzie’s Devilish Deeds
When I was a little girl everyone thought I was the sweetest little thing and for the most part they were right. I said please and thank you at all the right times. I was quiet and soft spoken and never talked back, but just like Achilles I had a week spot. My taste buds.
I loved sweets! My mom was a third grade teacher at the school I went to so after school my brother Jeff and I would wonder the halls and play outside. This left plenty of time to get hungry and thirsty. On most days our mom would give us change for the snack and soda machines. I would push the rectangle for an ICE COLD COCA COLA mmmmm and push in the number for my choice of snack and enjoy. Sadly my mom couldn't give us change every day for a snack so while she wasn't looking I would wonder around her room and glance into the kids desks for loose change. (gasp! I know) I was a good thief and never took all the money from one kid. I would take a quarter from Jim and a dime from Sally until I had enough for a soda. I knew what I was doing was wrong and so would feel guilty. To ease my guilt I would think to myself, "I'll bring some money from home tomorrow and put the money back" but I never did. At least not that I know of. I figure I owe my mom's third grade classes a few hundred dollars from over the years. Maybe "tomorrow" I'll donate a few hundred bucks to the third grade class.

Crouch of Shame

OK so after I write this blog don't think badly of me ok? this is a confession of sorts. It goes along the lines of my last blog about Blockbuster and avoiding potentially embarrassing moments.
Once again I had a case of "just say no" issues. There was this guy let's call him Sam. Sam was among my friends from church. Sam was a guy. Same started to come to my work while I was working. Sam started coming in a couple days in a row. It actually got to the point where my boss was giving me looks. So I told Sam that I might get in trouble if he keeps coming in because I had work to do. Sam didn't get the clue. Instead of leaving he says he can help. He started putting video's back on the shelves for me. Can you see how I would feel annoyed and SMOTHERED?! It was clear that I had a problem on my hands and I had to do something. I had my chance the very next day because as I was standing in the front of the store I saw him crossing the road to come into the store. My first thought was "$*@" (normally I don't curse but I was panicked) In the blink of an eye I pulled my managers chair out from his desk and crawled underneath). So there I was crouched in the fetal position on the floor with my manager looking at me like I had lost it. I quickly said to my manager, "It's him, he's coming in. Tell him I'm eating lunch in the back." As soon as the words were out of my mouth the bell on the door jingled and in walks Sam. I heard him come up to the counter just four feet away from me and ask,"Is Suzie here?" My manager tells him I'm eating lunch in the back and then...silence. I had no idea what he was thinking but I was praying he didn't see me dive under the desk on his way over. I heard him mumble something and walk out. It didn't sound good. It sounded like he knew something was up. For a brief second I thought about popping out and laughing it off as a joke but what could I possibly say to explain why I was under a desk and not eating my lunch in the back room. So I let him walk out and I didn't come out until my manager watched Sam drive away. Silly me. Sam never talked to me again after that. I think Sam knew I was hiding...maybe he saw my rear sticking out on his way out the door. I still feel a little bit of shame when I think of that but then again it also makes me laugh. I mean the lengths I would go to just to avoid awkwardness. In my attempt to keep him and I from being embarrassed I obviously only made matters worse.

Blockbuster Dayz

For about two years I worked at Blockbuster Video store in Westminster or Eldersburg. I have had a few strange things happen concerning the customers. Here are three of them that stand out the most.
We were located directly next to Burger King and one of the ladies that worked there had two children that would come into our store and pick out video games. On one of these days she came in after her shift was over so she was very sweaty and smelled very much of sweat and burgers. bleh. Her two boys were always very noisy and when they were done would throw the games on the counter. She came up to the counter....oh I forgot to mention that she is also VERY BUSTY! I rang them up and told her the total. She reached for her money which wouldn't have been so bad if it had been in a purse or a wallet or even her pants pocket but NO it was in her CLEAVAGE!!! and not just any cleavage. It was a deep cavernous cleavage the kind of cleavage that one digs around in for forever and is not able to locate lost bills. I stood there staring while she plunged her hands deeper into the abbys dreading what she would pull out. I was hoping for a gun but alas she found what she was looking for and placed it on the counter top and there it sat. I looked at the heap of dollar bills drenched in sweat and saw the moisture ring forming on the counter. She used her hands to flatten each of the bills and then handed them out for me to take as if they hadn't just come from her sweaty bosom. I saw my hand as if in slow motion reach out and pinch the money in the corner and place it in the cash register. After the dirty deed was done I ran not walked back to the bathroom and scrubbed my fingertips. I had another money issue happen that was similar to this one only it was a man and his money was in an index card box. When he opened it to get the money out a whole bunch of trash fell out of it all over the counter top and by our feet. His hands scrambled over the counter top shoving the trash back into the box and pushing the wadded up money to the side. After all the trash was collected he started to unwad the dollar bills and give them to me. This took a while because of how tight he had it balled up. So people if you ever wonder where all those creases on the money come from or why it has a funky smell remember that you never know where that money has been so handle it with care and wash up.
My last story begins in the morning when a goofy looking guy walks in and checks out his movies from a co-worker. Around lunch time the same day I notice this same guy come back in. He kept shooting me glances as he was checking out movies near the front of the store. As I was checking out other customers I saw him getting closer and closer to the front. I had an idea of what was to come and I wanted to bolt but I was the only one in the front of the store. SO here he came looking all nervous and there I stood chanting in my mind, "just say no, just say no, just say no" He said "Hi" I said "Hi, did you need help with something?" He stood right in front of me and said, "Yeah, I'm looking for a movie but I don't remember the title" so I asked, "Do you know what happens in the movie?" He starts to look a little more comfortable and says, "It's about this guy who goes into a Blockbuster Video store and sees this really pretty girl that works there and he asks for her number. Do you know what she said?" I thought "Oh my, no he didn't just say that! Oh yes he did...get it together and pretend you don't understand..sounds like a plan." So I said to him, "Really? I've never seen that movie before, that's pretty cool they used a Blockbuster store." I was realllllly hoping he would just loose his nerve and give up or else just think I was too stupid to pursue any longer. I had no such luck. "No, I was wondering if I can have your number." I looked around the store and saw no one. I was alone and desperate for him to leave so I said, "Sure." My brain was reeling at my mouth, "Why did you just say sure?!?! you were supposed to just say NO!" So then I thought as I was given pen and paper "Just change one number. But he knows where I work he could come back in angry" ahhhh so I put down the right number and when he did call I told him that I was sorta in a relationship with a co-worker but we hadn't made it public yet so I didn't want to start up with anyone else. He fell for it thank heavens. I found out later from another co-worker that new him that he was angry and was going off about it to him. So I had to inform my boss (who was my pretend boyfriend) that he was my boyfriend in case anyone asked. HA that gave me brownie points. Too bad I couldn't just say no. What a mess I could have avoided but like my green thing says on my myspace I don't like confrontations.

Stubbornness,Pride and Lies

stubbornness, pride and lies
Life certainly is a learning experience. I've learned a lot of things the hard way because I wouldn't listen the easy way. Here is a good example from my childhood.
Growing up I watched my mom and the ladies on TV put on make up. It didn't interest me very much until I hit the sixth grade. That's when I started to want to be more like a girl and fit in with the pretty girly girls (but not too much). I swiped mascara off my mom's bathroom sink and took it to my room. I was really excited to put it on so I went into the bathroom by my bedroom and closed the door. I stood on my tip toes and leaned closer to the mirror as I studied the area the mascara was to go. Alright time to begin, I pulled the wand out and began to apply the mascara very carefully and artfully onto my eyebrows. That's right. I said eyebrows. I brushed it on nice and thick and made sure it didn't smear. I had two eyebrows that were perfectly black and perfectly hard and I was happy with it. When Mom saw me she told me I put it on wrong, but what did she know? I KNEW they were supposed to go on my eyebrows. Can we say stubborn and prideful? I seriously thought I looked good and I wasn't going to admit I was wrong so I wasn't going to take it off. Mom didn't scrub my face instead we went to school like normal (except for my eyebrows). Before we had to be in our homeroom I went to the bathroom to give my eyebrows another look. I was starting to second guess my decision. While I was looking in the mirror two girls from my class walked in to wash their hands. When they noticed me they stopped talking and asked, "Suzie, what's that on your eyebrows?" I could tell by the smirk on their faces that my mom was right and I did something silly so to make things better I said, "It's dirt. I was playing in the dirt before school today. I have to wash it off." They kept the smirk as they walked out of the bathroom. While I washed off the gunk they were probably getting a good laugh. I never did that again and it was a while before I ever tried to put on make up again. When I think about it now it just cracks me up that I told them it was dirt! ha! Who would believe that? Well I could have listened to my mom in the first place when she told me I messed up but if I had I wouldn't have a story to tell.

My Husband, My Hero

My Husband My Hero
Have you ever had a "Flat tire day"? One of those days where you are just driving along. Maybe your singing a song or thinking of someone special then BANG!!! Your tire just exploded. Your car shifts and swerves as you wonder "Is this the end?" then you get a grip on yourself and your steering wheel and somehow end up on the shoulder of the road. Your such a mess from what could have happened and so you wait for someone to come rescue you. That's what kind of day I had this past winter.
It was a crisp winter day. I was in my last trimester and very uncomfortable but this day I was feeling upbeat and obviously I was out of my mind because I decided to go shopping with my two toddler boys after I dropped the oldest off at school. Our first stop Weis, it went GREAT so I thought "let's try this again." So off we went to Wally World (Wal-Mart). Once again the boys did great so we went to see the fish in the pet department also known as "Dead Fish Alley" Today however, even the fish were in plenty and seemed happy. As we were leaving I spied a really cool toothbrush that I thought my 1 1/2 year old would love. He really likes fish and this toothbrush had Nemo and Dorry on it so I had to get it for him. My son besides brushing his teeth aslo enjoys brushing the sink, floors, bed, toys, just about everything that is brushable which is just about everything, so you see I really needed that toothbrush. New toothbrush in hand (His Hand to be exact) we headed to the checkout where all went well. So well in fact that I decided I also needed a treat. Off to SafeWay for lunchmeat and Starbucks. By the way Starbucks was the treat for me, not the lunchmeat.
I put my youngest in his stroller with his new toothbrush still in the package and held the hand of my 4 year old. We strolled straight to the deli and ordered our meat where the nice lady gave the boys a FREE slice of cheese. "what a nice day" I thought. Off we went to the Starbucks. Get ready for the "BANG". I order my drink and as we were waiting I happened to notice the lack of a certain toothbrush in my childs hand. I checked his lap and all around his seat. No toothbrush. "Drats, it's probably on the floor someplace" I hoped. We retraced our steps and still no toothbrush. I walked out to the car (ok van) and put my stuff in so I could have my hands free and so I stood by my door and thought, " I could just leave and try to forget about the toothbrush, maybe send Nate out to buy the same one when he gets home, BUT DARN IT I JUST BOUGHT IT!" So I got up my nerve and pushed the boys back inside and up to the customer service desk. By now I'm sweating because I'm very pregnant and I'm getting annoyed. I tell the lady my problem and she was clueless about what to do. So I asked if I could go check the toothbrush isle to see if someone could have put it back. It looked as though that's what happened because there was one toothbrush that looked just like the one I bought at wal-mart. I bring it up to her and she calls someone else to come help. "Good Grief! just give me the darn thing" I'm thinking. Lady number two isn't nearly as nice and she won't budge on giving me the toothbrush. They call a girl who was putting stuff back on shelves that had been misplaced from the night before. No she did not find any toothbrushes on her journeys. So there we were the four of us looking at eachother and no one is offering me to just take the toothbrush. "I'm sorry" Says lady number two "I don't know what to do for you." No she was not sorry and she knew she wasn't going to do anything for me. So after 20 minutes of trying to get this toothbrush that I had paid for at another store I was leaving empty handed not quite sure how this just happened. after all it was just a toothbrush and I said I bought it from another store...I even had the reciept from wal-mart to prove it. By the time I sat in my seat I was very angry and so feeling helpless started to cry. Gosh I felt stupid crying over a toothbrush but it was mine and then I thought "They are going to sell the toothbrush that I paid money for to someone else and make a profit, How is that fair? plus they must have thought that I was trying to steal it." I actually thought about going back in and demand my toothbrush back but how crazy would I look dragging in my two little kids with my big belly all sweaty with tears running down my face bawling for my toothbrush back. I drove back home and calmed myself down. Nate called soon after to see how my day was going. I told myself not to cry because he was sure to laugh at me and think he married a crazy hormonal woman but as I was telling him I couldn't help it and so I snifed my way through the story. Surprisingly Nate was very sweet and soothing towards me and declared he would come to my rescue. Right when he hung up with me he called SafeWay and talked to the manager explaining what happened and just like that the manager said Nate could come pick up the toothbrush that night. My Husband My Hero went to the store after his long day at work and walked in our house with our toothbrush. I felt so much better and I also realized something. I had underestimated my husband. when I thought he would laugh and tease me he did the opposite. He was sweet and thoughtful and said he liked coming to my rescue. Who knew a childrens toothbrush could have brought Nate and I a little closer together? What a crazy good day it was. Nate had come to fix my tire and it was all ok.